Wedding Vision, is an audiovisual production company specializing in filming and photographing weddings and baptisms. An integral part of Art Vision, a company with extensive presence in the television area, company's services cover the whole of Greece. The knowledge, experience, modern technical equipment, and cooperation with famous foreign filmmakers have resulted timeless movies with imagination, imaginative and artistic texture shots. The wedding photography escapes from the narrow limits, highlights and transforms images into fragmentary histories of art. Member of major international groups of cinematographers, Wedding Vision contributes substantially to the developments. Wedding Vision represents the current view for covering social events, presenting high level and timeless aesthetic result. It all started when he, at the age of 12 years took for the first time in his hands the camera and pulled professionally his first job. A small boy that at this time no one believed would do it, unless of course of his father. He had said to his clients: if you do not like the result, then you don't have to pay. Since then, endless hours hanging out with the camera, reportages, live links, TV broadcasting and even more hours of editing. A very personal process that strengthens the eyes of any filmmaker. Dinos Kapetanos has grown along with his camera. He sees life on film, with endless pictures, with rhythm and continuity. Now at his 30’s he has set up his own company, has now chosen to film another side of life, brighter, more cheerful. He believes in another view, more artistic, and very personal, creating films that capture the senses. The result of his work so far has gained the interest and acceptance of very important foreign filmmakers and leads with every shot his own history.